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Finding Your Wings

A Christian Guide to Healing from Romantic Rejection & Heartbreak

When the wings of your heart have been broken, how do you learn to soar again?

So many of us have to deal with the pain of romantic rejection and heartbreak in our lives - yet there is so little specific advice about how a Christian should deal with it.

How do we find our way through the pain into a place of healing, with our integrity intact, and our relationship with God growing stronger?


With a Biblical outlook and practical advice, this book will help you walk with Jesus through every stage of your healing, from the first desperate pain, through the confusion and distress, into a time of 'convalescence' - and finally, complete wholeness and restoration.

The book won't heal you. But Jesus will.

R.M. Fanshaw

R.M. Fanshaw writes short, ‘user-friendly’ Christian self-help and theology books, intended to be accessible to readers with no academic or theological background. She loves helping people discover the person God created them to be.

She studied theology for three and a half years, and holds a Diploma in Christian Studies. She has preached in churches in Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire.

Ruth had a breakdown some years ago, and still deals with bouts of anxiety and depression from time to time. Her experience of living with these illnesses has challenged her in her walk with God, yet also helped her to experience His love on a deeper level.

You can read Ruth's full bio here.